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Client Success Story: Bel Inizio, Houston, TX

Client Background

Bel Inizio is a nonprofit based in Houston that empowers disadvantaged women through fitness and nutrition. Their remarkable journey, influenced by The Refund Consultants, had a significant impact.

Mission and Pandemic Challenges:

Since 2010, Bel Inizio’s mission has been to transform lives and foster self-confidence in the women we serve. However, the pandemic presented unforeseen challenges. The COVID-19 impact was undeniable. Social distancing and gathering restrictions forced them to shift their in-person program to an online format. Unfortunately, building trust and maintaining attendance proved challenging. Fundraising also took a hit, with the major events canceled due to government restrictions.

Expert Assistance from The Refund Consultants

Fortunately, our team of professionals at The Refund Consultants was able to step in and provide expert assistance. We conducted an ERC Eligibility Assessment, reviewing the program and identifying applicable government mandates. Due to significant revenue losses during specific quarters, as well as restrictions imposed on the operation, Bel Inizio qualified for Employee Retention Credits (ERC).

  • Personalized Guidance: Throughout the entire process, The Refund Consultants provided personalized advice that fit the client’s unique situation.
  • Streamlined Document Collection: Our team’s meticulous approach to gathering and organizing specific documents left the client free from the usual document hunt, allowing them to focus on core business tasks.
  • Compelling Business Narrative: Together, we sculpted a Business Narrative that captured the intricacies of the challenges Bel Inizio confronted during the pandemic. We believe this level of attention is what truly sets us apart.
  • Eligibility Assessment: Entrusting licensed professionals to evaluate their eligibility for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) showcased The Refund Consultants’ commitment to accuracy and legitimacy.
  • Documentation: The Refund Consultants streamlined process of assembling supporting documentation for the filing relieved our client from what would have otherwise been an overwhelming endeavor.
  • Tracking of Filing & Payments: We provided updates on the status of the filing and tracked their payment to give our client peace of mind and eliminate uncertainties.
  • A Supportive Experience: Bel Inizio’s engagement with The Refund Consultants was more than a mere transaction. Our constant support and expertise, turned a potentially intimidating process into a journey Bel Inizio navigated with confidence.

Leveraging ERC Tax Credits

Despite being a nonprofit with minimal W-2 employees, Bel Inizio received a substantial ERC tax credit. The best part was that The Refund Consultants took care of all the “heavy lifting,” minimizing their time investment in the ERC process.


Thanks to The Refund Consultants’ expertise, the ERC refund Bel Inizio received will make a significant impact on their 2023 programs, allowing them to assist more women in need.

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