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Client Success Story – Mi Pueblito, Katy, TX

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Additional Client Success Stories

Client Success Story – Mi Pueblito, Katy, TX

Mi Pueblito, meaning “My Little Town” in Spanish, was established over 20 years ago by the Velasquez family in an effort to bring Colombian authenticity and a sense of community to the growing Latin American community in the greater Houston area. Now, 23 years later, their two restaurants, on Richmond Avenue in Houston and W. Grand Parkway in Katy, are landmarks for all Houstonians alike. The restaurant menu includes traditional Colombian recipes belonging to the owners’ grandmother, mother, and aunt and the restaurant on Richmond has an on-site bakery that delivers amazing bread and pastries, baked fresh daily.   


At the beginning of the pandemic, Mi Pueblito closed down for a short period and then continued with To-Go orders all through the spring. When they opened up inside dining, tables were carefully placed at safe distances, rigorous cleaning and sanitizing protocols were enforced, and operating hours were changed to make time for deep cleaning. Because of these safety measures, not a single employee in the Katy location contracted Covid during this time.


The supply chain problems that affected most restaurants brought big challenges to Mi Pueblito. Prices skyrocketed for beef, eggs, and traditional Colombian ingredients. The staff had to travel hundreds of miles every month to find a supplier for basic goods and often came up empty-handed, and with closed borders and back-logged ports, imported favorites like Mexican Coke and Topo Chico Mineral Water were temporarily struck from the menu to customers’ great despair.


I came to know Sara Velazquez, when I visited Mi Pueblito as a happy customer in the spring of 2022 and through conversation came to learnt about the difficult Post-Covid recovery. The natural next step was to evaluate the restaurants for the Employee Retention Credit and they turned out to be the perfect candidate. I’m glad to have been able to assist in bringing back part of the revenue that was lost during those two troublesome years.


When you visit Mi Pueblito you must take the opportunity to enjoy their empanadas, which are made in their own factory, as well as their frosted coconut lemonade with shaved coconut.

Mi Pueblito Katy, 402 W. Grand Parkway S., Ste. 102, Katy, TX   281-665-8690




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