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Client Success Story – Salata

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Did you have W2 employees in 2020/2021? (1099 workers don't qualify)
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Did your sales revenue reduce during Covid?
Did you experience any ONE of the following during 2020/2021?
  • A full and/or partial Shutdown of your business
  • Operational changes to follow social distancing
  • A limitation on the number of customers you could serve
  • Capacity restrictions or forced changes to operating hours
  • Vaccine/quarantine requirements that affected staffing
  • Unable to market your services at Tradeshows
  • Restricted from doing in-person demonstrations & Samplings
  • Prevented from providing services to Nursing Homes & Hospitals
  • Unable to host in-person Events & Group gatherings
  • Supply Chain Issues because of a government mandate

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Additional Client Success Stories

Client Success Story – Salata

Salata is a restaurant chain that specializes in customizable salads and wraps. Customers can create their own perfect meal by choosing from a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, and proteins, as well as signature dressings made in-house. If you haven’t had the pleasure of dining at a Salata, you mustn’t delay it another day. It’s the most guilt-free binging I’ve done in years.  

Our client owns three Salata franchises in the Greater Houston Area, one having opened a minute before the Pandemic. In addition to being shut down for a few weeks in March 2020, they opened up for deliveries and watched their devoted customers pick up and devour their salads in the parking lot outside. After opening up for indoor dining again, the restaurants experienced periodic closures due to staff shortages caused by Covid exposures and positive tests. This was in spite of all the precautions taken and having assigned staff dedicated to continuously sanitizing the restaurants. Catering sales fell drastically and all three locations faced shortages of supplies, which forced them to remove dishes from the menu. Thankfully their loyal customers saw them through the pandemic.

We were introduced to the owners of Salata a few weeks before the Christmas holiday and spent a month understanding how they were impacted by Covid. We helped with gathering all the right data, and our team crunched the numbers, prepared the paperwork, and made sure they stayed in compliance. When I sat down with the owner at the beginning of the year, they were quite pleased to learn that all three locations qualified for a substantial tax credit. Naturally, I took advantage of the opportunity to have another delicious meal at Salata.




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