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Client Success Story – Saldivia’s South American Grill

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Additional Client Success Stories

Client Success Story – Saldivia’s South American Grill

Gustavo and Christina Saldivia own and run Saldivia’s South American Grill on Westheimer in Houston Texas. This highly rated restaurant (Tripadvisor etc.) serves Uruguayan specialties with a strong Italian and Argentinean influence.


Before the Pandemic, Saldivia’s was known and loved for live music on weekends and big family-style dinners, but when the city of Houston went into lockdown in March of 2020, the restaurant had to pivot to providing take-out orders only, followed by inside dining with limited occupancy. After Texas went back to some normalcy, Saldivia’s started its slow recovery, like many of its neighboring businesses.


In 2023 we visited with Gus to see if the Employee Retention Credit could help the business with recovering from several challenging years. It turned out that due to the mandates from Texas and Harris County, the related drop in sales, as well as the fact that they kept their employees on the payroll, they did qualify for ERC in both 2020 and 2021. Our team prepared the documents and delivered them ready for filing within a couple of weeks time frame. 


Houstonians, if you haven’t been and love good food, we suggest you make a visit for a delicious taste of one of South America’s great cuisines.


Saldivia’s South American Grill  10850 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042




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