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Client Success Story: DeWolf’s Nor Cal Tile

Client Background

DeWolf’s Nor Cal Tile is a local, family-owned business specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodels, granite & quartz installations, backsplashes, flooring, and more. Based in Vacaville, California, they’ve been serving our community since 2005, and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything they do.

Covid Impact

  • Due to social distancing mandates, there were indoor jobs that DeWolf could not accept because
    they required multiple people working in close proximity, violating social distancing.
  • Tile manufacturers in Spain, Italy, and Mexico were shut down due to government orders around
    COVID, making it impossible for DeWolf to do jobs requiring those tiles.
  • Due to government stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines, they were no longer able
    to serve all their customers indoors, and we were unable to serve customers in a comparable manner
    to pre-pandemic times.
  • Dewolf had to reorganize their operations to comply with social distancing, inability to get
    materials, and other rules.

The Refund Consultant’s Eligibility Assessment

  • Following a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s program and mission, we verified that DeWolf satisfied the requirements for various government directives.

The Consultative Approach of RefundMeFast

  • Gathering Documents: The Refund Consultants aided DeWolf in assembling the necessary records
    for the study.
  • Company Story: We conferred with DeWolf to comprehend their operations and to record the
    difficulties the firm encountered during the Pandemic years.
  • Qualification Evaluation: TRC involved suitably licensed experts to assess DeWolf’s eligibility
    for the ERC.
  • Submitting Credits: The essential documentation to request the ERC was created on behalf of
  • Monitoring Payments: We followed the progress of DeWolf’s ERC claim and kept the client
    informed about its advancement.

ERC Conclusion

  • Qualified based on revenue for Q2 and Q3 of 2021. Their partial shutdown due to government orders further reinforced their eligibility for the ERC.
  • Despite the hardships, DeWolf’s Nor Cal Tile emerged stronger than ever. They remain committed to their customers, delivering excellence in our services and the finished product.

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