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Client Success Story – Bonjour Café, Katy, TX

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Additional Client Success Stories

Client Success Story – Bonjour Café, Katy, TX

Wendy and Arnaud Acaries own and run Bonjour Cafe in Katy, TX. The cafe is unique in the traditional preparation and selection of pastries and cuisine that Chef Arnaud brought from his home country of France. After dreaming of opening their own cafe, this became a reality at the end of 2019, when the couple happened upon a vacant space across from James E Taylor Highschool. Just a few months after Bonjour Cafe opened its doors, the Pandemic shut down the entire state of Texas.


Wendy and Arnaud pivoted to take-out, but being a new business with an in-person cafe concept, this proved to be a challenge. When many established restaurants relied on PPP loans to retain their staff and operation, Bonjour Cafe’s startup status didn’t grant them adequate support. Instead, the entire family banded together to cover shifts and keep the cafe going. Customers from the community started giving donations and buying gift cards to encourage the business to persevere, and they did. 


At the end of 2022, I sat down with Wendy to see if the Employee Retention Credit could be a source of funding for the business as they continued their slow recovery. With no sales income until the fall of 2019, the ERC revenue reduction qualifier could not be utilized. We were however able to qualify Bonjour Cafe by Government Orders, based on the restrictions that Harris county and the State of Texas imposed on its operation, and helped them file for the ERC refund. 


We also consulted with Wendy to complete the application for the Texas Travel and Hospitality grant. 

During my recent conversation with Wendy, I hear that business is starting to flourish again as more happy customers find their way to the cafe’s decadent pastries and heavenly brunch menu. If you have not already visited Bonjour Cafe, I encourage you to indulge yourself soon. You will thank me. Bonjour is also opening up its catering to local offices and events so keep them in mind for your next gathering.


Bonjour Cafe, 20829 Kingsland Blvd suite a, Katy, TX 77450  (832) 974 4687



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